ENQUIRER  Summer of 1999

Editor Allard Gone...But Not Far!

By Jean Stenstrom Eidsvold

Staff Writer 

The illustrious editor and originator of this scandal sheet has handed over his duties. After nine editions spanning 10 years, he wishes to retire. He has kept us connected through this newsletter with humor and originality, and we as a class cannot thank him enough for all he has done! 

While we have "endured" endless pictures of Noel and Hearn on their "up North" camping adventures, we have only ourselves to blame for not sending him more material! Many have written to say how much they have enjoyed these newsletters, and it has been a wonderful way to gather your changes of address in preparation for the next reunion. (It has been pure pleasure for me to become a better friend of Noel and his family in the process!) 

Noel has nothing else to do you say-well, a chat with his wife Mary revealed just a few of the things that keep this terrific guy busy. It starts with a full-time job for Norwest Graphic Services and a home-based business, Decals and Data Plates, for antique aircraft restorers, etc.
Then, he's an officer of Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame and a voting member of the National Aviation Hall of Fame organization. He holds memberships in the Planetary Society, the Minnesota Chapter of the Quiet Bird Men, OX5s (aircraft of WW2'), two Chapters of the Antiques Division of Experimental Aircraft Association, the Lindbergh Society, and Minnesota Fieros Forever. He is a consultant for the Metropolitan Airports Commission and Aeronautics Division of MN DOT, and is the project manager of the restoration and rebuilding of the replica of the "Spirit of St. Louis," which will soon hang once again at the Mpls-St. Paul Airport. He is a guest speaker all around Minnesota on aviation history and promotes aviation in general. He owns his own plane which he restored, and has had a private pilot's license since 1965. He has written two books: Speed, a biography of Minnesota aviator, Speed Holman, and Minnesota History of Aviation: 1845-1947, which took 25 years of research. 

Around his home base, he's a citizen representative for the Mayor's Sounding Board for the city of Chaska, and the chairman of his church's Men's Club. Noel and Mary have four children and four grandchildren. They also have care duties for their parents and are avid campers.

We will not let him get far from our reunion committees: he knows how much we need him! Thank goodness for his sincere desire to maintain ties to past and present friends. Thanks from all of us, Noel, for all of your years of service to the Class of '57.

Noel takes a glance back in time before
taking off for new adventure.

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